Spring Expectations

Today during Morning Meeting for grades three to five, Mrs. Cyman had the boys sing, “Inch by inch, row by row, gonna make this garden grow….,” in anticipation of warmer days ahead. After a wintery few weeks in Maryland, many of us are quite anxious for temperature well above freezing. As the day ended, the … More Spring Expectations

Springing Forward with New Ideas

During Wednesday’s faculty meeting, Dr. Webster held a “debriefing” on our recent NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools) conference in Baltimore. Teachers were invited to share some of the new thoughts and ideas that the conference generated for them. The conversation was animated with discussion of meaningful workshops, new insight about assessment, and creative techniques … More Springing Forward with New Ideas

Rethinking Assessment

Last Friday our faculty engaged in lively discussion about assessment. It was a professional development day and the Academic Council, led by Bart Griffith, posed questions for faculty groups to explore in cross divisional pairings. It never seems as if we have enough time for teachers to get together and explore topics, especially all three … More Rethinking Assessment