This time of year is filled with performances of all kinds at Gilman School. There are choral concerts, instrumental concerts, and dramatic plays each week. The lower school is no exception, and may even be leading the way. Two weeks ago our second grade entertained us with a rendition of all things “holiday”. Last week, boys from all grades performed a wide variety of holiday songs from around the world at our annual winter holiday concert. Mrs. Cyman and Mrs. McElroy brilliantly led the boys through marches, dance routines, and harmonized songs. I have included some pictures and video of the performances below. This week, our fifth grade boys serenaded their parents and fellow students with a musical titled, “The Grunch”. After weeks of practice, the show came together, and the boys demonstrated what could be accomplished with hard work and perseverance.


These are the “big” shows that were performed these past few weeks, however there are countless smaller shows in between. I walked in to KB this week and caught part of one boy’s sharing of his “Top Dog” poster. He happily led the boys through his life experiences as displayed in various photos on the dog-shaped board. His classmates had many questions about his family members, vacations spots, and sporting activities. He handled the time on stage quite well for such a young man! Each week during Morning Meeting the boys sing an opening and closing song to the accompaniment of Mrs. Cyman’s guitar, piano, or ukulele. I have included a short clip below- enjoy! It is both fun for the boys to sing some of their favorite songs and rewarding for the teachers to begin the day with music.

Performances do not stop with the school day for many of our boys. They leave the building or stay at school for lessons in guitar, violin, piano, trumpet, and chess. Some of our boys “performed” at a recent chess tournament and came in second place! The value in learning to do something well and showcase that knowledge in front of an audience is priceless.


As we enter the holiday season next week, we will come together for one final performance of the year. Mrs. Cyman, Mr. Holt, and Mrs. Testerman will lead us in an all-school sing-along in the main lobby before our noon dismissal. There are rumors of a Gilman version of the

“12 Days of Christmas” to be performed by the teachers. Look for video to be added to this blog post next week!


Enjoy the winter break with your sons. I hope everyone stays safe, warm, and happy!




I hope that my communication with you each week encourages “talking points” to inspire conversation with your son or sons. Here are some “talking points” based on recent school events.



  • If you are in Kindergarten- Did you enjoy learning about Hanukah from Ms. Albert? What did your pickles taste like? In your journal entry- how did you spell the word pickle? (The ones I saw were very creative!)
  • If you are in Prep-One- What are you looking forward to as you begin your Bear Unit? Who is Rupert and what book did Dr. Webster read to you?


  • If you are in First Grade- What did you write about on your “gift” paper displayed in the hallway? What did Mrs. Schmerling share with you about Hanukah? Did you enjoy your latkes with sour cream or applesauce?
  • If you are in Second Grade- What book are you reading following “Freckle Juice”? What is an array and do we have any around our house?
  • If you are in Third Grade- What animal is your part of the totem pole supposed to resemble? What have you learned so far about Native Americans? How did your science test go this week? Are you exploring new ways to study for tests?
  • If you are in Fourth Grade- What can you tell me about the Mason-Dixon Line? What operations are you learning about with fractions?
  • If you are in Fifth Grade-Did you enjoy performing for the lower school boys? How was that audience different from performing for the parents? What did you make for your little buddy?




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