Exploring Assessment

Grades, scores, report cards, tests, quizzes, portfolios, performances, exit tickets, and more, are all words associated with assessment in some form. During the course of the school year, teachers at Gilman find themselves exploring a multitude of ways to give feedback and assess meaning making with our students. This year we are embarking on a … More Exploring Assessment

Teaching Empathy

Two years ago Gilman School began a blog for the enjoyment of the community. Lumen, as the blog is named, has been both informative and entertaining. Early in the blog’s history, I was moved to write an entry about teaching empathy. As a fifth grade teacher, I found myself seeking opportunities to instruct about this … More Teaching Empathy

Finding Routines

Snow days, early dismissal days, late arrival days, all add up this time of year and make any sort of school routine hard to find. The boys, and their teachers, struggle to feel settled, and part of the school day can be spent reestablishing routines. Having a time in the day that feels familiar and … More Finding Routines