The Scientific Method

“Science is cool!” This statement is from the mouths of lower school boys here at Gilman. They have enjoyed so many “cool” things in science classes from kindergarten through fifth grade over the years. Recently, due to the retirement of long-time science teacher Mrs. Olgierson, I have been able to immerse myself into our science … More The Scientific Method

Play Season

Each year students and teachers in grades two through five produce a class play. Over the years Viking musicals, Beatles -inspired skits, Colonial mysteries, rewritten Aesop’s fables, and more have entertained us. Once a cycle we come together as a community to be entertained and support our classmates. We sing, clap, laugh, and learn through … More Play Season

New Year Goals

  Dr. Webster talked with the boys this week during Morning Meeting about how schools really have two “new years”. He asked what this meant, and immediately the boys’ hands went up. One young man expressed that entering a new grade was like entering a new year. We are lucky in this way- we get … More New Year Goals