Summer Musings

While I am excited to be starting in my new role as Assistant Head of the Gilman Lower School, I am equally excited to start my very first blog related to all things lower school boys! Getting material for my post will be much easier once the boys return from summer break, but I decided to venture into the blogging world with a couple of summer entries. Summer in the Gilman lower school is anything but quiet. With several camps underway, teachers stopping in for supplies or workshops, and the building and grounds crew working on a variety of projects, activity abounds. See the pictures in my photo gallery of the field work. Later this fall we should have awesome spaces to run and play. Until then, we will have to be creative in our recess locations. I am sure the boys will wish we could add mud wrestling to the outdoor choices!

Why “Puddle Jumping” for a title? While thinking about an appropriate name for my school blog, I remembered a conversation with our LS art teacher, Mrs. Knipp. She has observed boys and their antics here at Gilman for over thirty years. She was telling me that she would love to write a memoir someday with the title Puddle Jumping at Gilman .  She laughed thinking about the way each boy at Gilman, young and old, finds puddles whenever they venture around campus. The bigger the spash, the higher it goes, the more it creates commotion, the more fun is experienced! Wet and dirty for the remainder of the day- no problem! Exploring through fun play sums up a Gilman lower school boy.

I am busy preparing for our iPad roll out when the school year begins. I am working with teachers to write iPad rules, and create an iPad skills test to pass. Each boy will receive an iPad License once he knows the skills and the rules of these creative machines. Then we will all be off and running- using technology wherever and whenever it inspires learning.

Here is a link to a post from Beth Holland discussing why iPads are a necessary tool in an elementary classroom. Enjoy!

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