This time of year seems to usher in a number of events that can only be called celebrations. At home, many of our students have just celebrated religious holidays like Easter and Passover, while some are anticipating the start of Ramadan in May. Here at school the days’ events often feel like celebrations of life … More Celebrations

The Power of Words

I had the opportunity to reflect on the power of words recently. I was observing one of many animated football games on the playground when I noticed a boy miss a catch from a teammate. His classmates were particularly hard on him as the end-zone catch was “crucial” to the game. This boy went off … More The Power of Words

Becoming More Aware

This has been a thoughtful two weeks around the lower school as teachers, and many parents, have found themselves engaged in conversations about race. Starting with Mr. Smyth’s letter to the community about the school committee on diversity’s name change from Community and Diversity to Community, Equity, and Inclusion, the message is being sent that … More Becoming More Aware

Finding Rhythm

Every year, as I come back from winter break, I look forward to returning to the earlier rhythms of the school year. Not September, which can be disjointed learning new routines and new names, and not November and December with their many holiday special events. Rather, I long for October’s predictability and consistency. So far … More Finding Rhythm

The Age of Innocence

There was a particular incident from this week that reminded me of the innocence and joy inherent in young children. I was awaiting the arrival of the fourth grade on the football turf field on a beautiful and unseasonably warm late November day. The boys made their way down in the usual chaotic finally-released-from-lunch way … More The Age of Innocence

Learning Goals

    Over the last two years, the Academic Council at Gilman has worked with the faculty and administration to identify design prompts that will drive instruction and assessment. I have shared these in earlier blog posts and include them again below.   How might we articulate K-12 learning goals that drive and sustain relevant, … More Learning Goals